Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #351

Movie: Dhoni (Thamizh,2012)

Plot: A lower middle-class widower works, works over time, makes and sells pickles to get what he wants for his two children - 'A good education'. But all that runs in his son's mind is cricket. When tempers fray beyond proportions one day, he accidentally injures and sends his son to a coma. The kid's period of recovery is when he realises the gaps in the education system and he goes social to do some reform for his son's cause.

  • Prakashraj, in his tamil directorial debut, makes a mark with some nice touches in the first half; He also carries the subject interestingly till the half way point.
  • The actor in Prakashraj revels; This is home turf for him and he scores handsomely ( voice modulation in some emotional scenes are brilliant)
  • The supporting cast comprising Radhika Apte, Nasser, the kids do their job fine ( a better dubbing for the son would have made it good though).
  • Ilaiyaraja's music is mesmerising at places and disturbs as it usually does (especially the interludes and stanzas in the Vilayatta padagotti song)
  • Second-half is wayward (he takes an extreme move to education from his son's interest) and the '17x8' lines are absurd.
  • The climax is a dramatised dampener; Was expecting something much much better.
Dhoni - 53*, Retired hurt!