Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #350

Movie: Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)

Plot: A soviet-UK double agent is in the midst of UK's agency. When one attempt to get to him makes the agency lose one of their men, expertise of a retired officer is called for and he discovers the men code named Tinker, Tailor, Soldier and also the Spy.

  • This film was quite a big surprise as the first few minutes suggested it might be a slow-mover. But the intensity with which it moves later is very high.
  • Gary Oldman, for his fine performance as Mr.Smiley earns respect and is a rich contender (at least in my view) for the best actor academy award this year.
  • The roles of Tom Hardy, Mark Strong and the aide to Oldman appeal.
  • Twists (especially the Witchcraft one) are of good quality - Typical Espionage Novel stuff.
Gripping tale of spy-tracing!