Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Look - #35

CHANAKYA'S CHANT by Ashwin Sanghi

Plot: A tale on how politics is resistive to change in time - a whopping 2300 years. The book provides a fictitious record on how Chanakya devised the plot to enable Chandragupta Maurya to rule the Bharat empire; History repeats itself when a certain Gangasagar Mishra tailors the career of his protege Chandini and makes her the Prime minister of India.

  • Ashwin Sanghi's imaginative juice is admirable, for he has spun an engaging tale on Chanakya that is pretty much at the circumference of the true story.
  • The parallelism and subtle similarities he has shown between the Chanakya and Gangasagar characters are appreciable.
  • Some twists thrown in (the one on the EVM co. for example) surprise and the use of apt quotes at right points citing them with the source at the end is credible.
Certain methods of Gangasagar holding the trump card against some politicians are pretty amateurish con techniques which politicians would be smart enough to note.

A Fair attempt in turning the historical clock.