Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #354

Movie: Hugo (2011)

Plot: A kid who works in the clock station presumes earth to be a machine and everybody on it exists with some purpose. With the partially fixed automaton his father had been working on before his death, he tries to find his purpose and ends up saving back a lost purpose.

  • It is astounding to think that someone could conceive such a thought - Both the writer of the book and the film's director Scorsese deserve the plaudits for this scorcher of a film!
  • Scorsese traverses a genre that, to me can't be named and the output is marvelous, and the tribute paid to the cinema of the past's past is artistic!
  • Ben Kingsley provides the dramatic act the role seems to require and the kid who plays Hugo is brilliant in some scenes.
  • The Station inspector,Isabelle & mama Jeanne characters earn the respect of the viewer; Inspector and Maximilian provide some fun.
  • The sequences eulogising machines are terrific. The visual effects are of extremely good quality, the unwinding first scene is just one example.
Go,dream with Scorsese!