Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #345

Movie: The Artist (2011)

Plot: As Hollywood gears up to make a move from silent films to talkies, a popular silent film star is reluctant to join the bandwagon. Ultimately, he sees his own downfall and the sky-rocketing of a then wannabe star to fame simultaneously.The duo with contrasting fortunes share admiration for each other.

  • The director and scenario developer Michel Hazanavicius breaks path to achieve something that turns spectacular on-screen. The film amazes with its simplicity and communication - What a tribute to the silent film era.
  • Jean Dujardin, as George Valentin scorches the screen. He's very expressive!
  • The girl who play Peppy Miller is cute and enacts her role nicely too.
  • The roles of the chauffeur and pet dog create an undeniable impact!

A Sound winner, this silent film is!