Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #349

Movie: The Descendants (2011)

Plot: A Hawaiian lawyer is shook by the coma that his wife goes into. He realises how he had missed bonding with his two daughters over the years when his wife was around. A shocking revelation from his wife's recent past ironically helps him connect back with his daughters.

  • It is mighty difficult to come up with a simply-told, positive, uncomplicated film that can delight the viewer and Alexander Payne succeeds in doing just that with this classy tale.
  • George Clooney comes up with a casual portrayal and acts brilliant in an effortless manner in some scenes ( when he pours out angrily to his near-dead wife etc.)
  • The roles of the daughters are likable and so are their performances; Even the initially irrelevant dodo of a guy who comes as the boyfriend of the elder daughter has a nice role.
  • The Hawaiian landscape is captured marvelously and the sound tracks add to the beauty on screen.
Simple & Simply Classy!