Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #347

Movie: The Man From Earth (2007)

Plot: A man who is about to shift his base answers to the question from his colleagues at his farewell on why he is leaving a lifestyle that appeared well settled. The answer is something that shakes them all apart and a debate on the surreal claim is what follows. Who wouldn't get shaken when one says he is 14,000 years old!

  • The construction of the idea and the conversion of it into a film that shows only an indoor conversation is quite an achievement from the makers Jerome Bixby and Richard Schenkman.
  • The characterisations of the intellectuals in the scene couldn't have been more diverse to complement the plot set up.
  • The eerie background score that runs mildly throughout the film is nice.
  • Conversations, points, counter-points surely attract viewer attention.
The Jesus connection was a bit going overboard!

Eerie, unique and interesting.