Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #346

Movie: Chronicle(2012)

Plot: 3-high school teens happen to touch a weird maze encompassing power and get the power transferred. After a lonely suppressed youngster has his fun with it, the power starts governing him and when one of the three dies in a freaky accident and the other falls for love, loneliness gets back to him and the vent out of suppression makes his power turn into a rage.

  • For Josh Trank the director, the film is a pretty decent debut outing where he convinces with the characterisation and creativity.
  • Among the friends, Dehaan shines as the introvert and as the outrageous villain.
  • VFX is convincingly good in quite a number of scenes ( the game they play amid clouds is a good example)
  • Camera of characters acting as camera for the film is a pretty ingenious idea.
  • The crystal power ball (or whatever that is) is an unconvincing base for a sci-fi.
  • The first few minutes with the handycam are shaky and induce irritation.
Not much 'Sci' in this otherwise good 'Fi'