Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #344

Movie: Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Plot: The film digs controversially deep into the formative years of the founders of two of the software giants ruling the roost - Steve Jobs of Apple & Bill Gates of Microsoft.

  • Full marks for the bravado of the maker Martyn Burke and also to the writers of the book the film is adopted from. It's a daring take on the 'below the surface' profiles of two of the most successful leaders of our time.
  • Noah Wyle with remarkable semblance to Steve captivates interest and Anthony Michael Hall, substitutes the lack of striking resemblance to Gates with some nice body language imitation. The guys playing the other big names - Wozniak, Ballmer etc. do well.
  • The scenes that show how conniving the duo have been and how craziness is needed to create something fresh (explained in the bulldozer scene) are actually nice tributes to the two big names.
  • The level of detail the film gets into is too shallow; It doesn't go deeper into the specifics.
  • There appear to have been a few deviations from the actual record but they are acceptable.
An Interesting but incomplete account of the dynamic duo!