Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #336

Movie: Umberto D (Italian, 1952)

Plot: An old pensioner struggles for existence with improper government sanctions on pensions, with a cruel landlady who wants to evict him. His only companions are his dog Flike and the servant of the house Maria. He does all he can do to win his battle with his landlady to stay in his beloved portion.

  • Coming from the director of Ladri di Biceclette, the quality of the touching emotional & sentimental scenes on offer is no surprise!
  • The man who plays Umberto Ferrari shows the pride of the character marvelously - the scenes where he tries and fails to beg, where he gets his lires together to pay his debts are of top quality.
  • The cute girl who plays Maria and the dog Flike create a connection with the viewer and that makes the climax special.
An Inspiring perseverance tale!