Monday, January 2, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #329

Movie: Trois couleurs: Rouge (or) Three Colours: Red (1994)

Plot: A french girl who aspires to be a model causes an accident to a dog which she attends to with care. She chances upon the dog's owner only to find that he eavesdrops his neighbours' phone calls. Her fury on him gets mended gradually as she gets to know him more & finally she befriends him before leaving to England to meet her disinterested fiancee.

  • Krzysztof Kieslowski completes the trilogy with aplomb with this intense drama which speaks the truth loud.
  • The characters of the model girl and the eavesdropping retired judge are nicely made and their action is good too (especially that of Irène Jacob).
  • The exchanges between the duo and the justification he gives for his pathetic unethical act  are solid and makes much sense to the film's proceedings.
  • The symbolism to show similarities,contrasts, betrayal etc. are special and touchy!
Not especially a negative, but bringing the three pairs of the trilogy in the final scene was doing a bit too much to me.

A masterpiece trilogy with lessons on film-making ends with this neat work!