Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #335

Movie: Cache (or) Hidden (French,2005)

Plot: A family gets video tapes by post indicating that their home is under surveillance. With some clues that the miscreant sends, the husband relates the act to his childhood servant whose past he had troubled. He has trouble with his wife, their confused child and a suicide makes things worse. The video tapes do what they were intended to do - give him pill enforced sleeps!

  • The apt casting (especially the kid, the servant's son), completeness in terms of the performance of the cast, the making of scenes etc. make this a classic that it is yet to become.
  • With the suspense element intact throughout, the way the screenplay moves makes it tactful.
  • The scenes where the wife talks about trust and the scene where the husband feels for his kidnapped child in the kitchen are places where the actors score the maximum.
  • The suicide scene is a shocker!

The way the film ends is incomplete. An open-ended finale is not what best suits the film's plot.

Hidden treasure among classics!