Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #343

Movie: La piel que habito (or) The Skin I Live In (Spanish, 2011)

Plot: A doctor specialising in plastic surgeries uses a person as an experimental rat for his pathbreaking research on creating skin that can withstand and resist many issues. Why he chose his specimen forms an interesting flashback in this thrilling ride.

  • Pedro Almodóvar gives shocking surprises at different points of time in the film and those make this qualify as being 'pretty suspenseful'.
  • Antonio Banderas shows his obsession for the research specimen and the loathing quite well and the girl who plays Vera is good with her quizzical expressions.
  • Jan Cornet who plays the guy Vincente is good with his role in the few scenes he appears.
  • The background score with the loud symphony is apt and helps build the tempo up.
Psychotic in places, Thrilling overall.