Monday, January 2, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #326

Movie: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Hindi,2011)

Plot: Three friends are on a road-trip to Spain to fulfil their pending wish of experiencing 3 adventures - one selected by each of them. During the trip,they undergo more than what they had planned for. A guy gets to see his father while another sees how he has been wastefully running behind money and the third solves the confusion surrounding his marriage.

  • This Zoya Akhtar film might have many cliches but is as refreshing as such films that have been dished out in the recent past. Positivity is everywhere to see and that makes this a pleasing watch in spite of the many 'already seen' scenes thrown over.
  • The casting is inch-perfect. Hrithik doesn't have much to do, his mere screen presence suffices the role he plays; Abhay Deol underplays well and Farhan Akhtar's is the most likeable of the three characters. Katrina & Kalki play good fiddles.
  • The adventure sport scenes where only music expresses everything have been dealt with nicely.
  • Another big plus is the film's dialogues written by Farhan - There are some simple yet powerful lines. One example is the exchange during the bull chase climax when Imran asks Arjun not to think about 'what if i die' but about 'what if i live'.
  • Exotic locales and high aerial shots capturing them make the viewing superb.
The screenplay is easily predictable & with the heroes splashing and enjoying in dashing outfits,cars,hotels - one gets the feeling that the film isn't exactly practical for an average-ly financed person.

One for the holiday season!