Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #340

Movie: Vettai (Thamizh, 2012)

Plot: A tale of two brothers in which the meeker elder one becomes a police and uses the bravado of his younger sibling to nab and keep a check on the local rowdy factions.  When the villains get to know of the team play, they target the soft guy who, after a dose of goonda-beating and inspiring brother-talk, joins his thambi to finish the rowdies off completely. In between, the brothers are fortunate enough to get a dashing sister duo to give them some romantic company!

  • The casting and the usage of the main 4 is what the director Lingusamy scores with. He uses them quite well in this oft-repeated intentioanal & non-intentiaonal funny script.
  • Arya's timing in comedy, his looks & costumes make him score well in the film; Madhavan has not tried to indulge in any form of image build-up/protection (a smart move) and that has paid off well for him. He seriously needs to rediscover his neck and reduce his waistline if he wants to continue acting as a hero!
  • The sister duo - Sameera Reddy & Amala Paul form a dashing sister pair.Right from their intro song till the very end, they keep the viewer engaged whenever they are on screen.
  • Passable stunts by Silva, some touchy scenes to evoke fun and twist expected cliches are other pluses.
  • Worrisome negative is the form Yuvan is in. Songs were already dreary; The background music is repeated probably 129 times (and that too is a slower version of the 'Villadhi Villaingal' song bit from Rajapaatai). Only positive way of looking at it - He's saving his best for Billa-2!
  • The serious scenes (thanks to Madhavan's acrobaticism or the lack of it & Arya's voice modulation) end up becoming extremely funny
  • The 'America Maapilai' and his accent are irritating to the core.
Acceptably funny.