Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #341

Movie: The Help (2011)

Plot: The black helps (maids) of 1960s America parent small white kids who only grow older to treat them roughly when the same blacks help their kids. A second generation white girl and a resilient black help join hands to write the story of helps at Jackson, Missisippi - A story that is as brutal as it is devastatingly true and embarrassing for all white homeladies who had meted out poor treatment on their black maids on just the baseless grounds of RACE.

  • Tate Taylor - Haven't heard anything about him before but with this film, he packs a punch and delivers a morally sound film that is also racy!
  • It is the combination of the ladies who play Aibileen & Minny (both of them perform stupendously!) that forms the cracker in this film creating an emotional impact/connect with the viewer.
  • The character of Skeeter - the writer, Lilly & Celia - the desolate amateurish white have been created nicely.
  • Dialogues are terrific in places - touchy, sensitive and crisp.
Black Upliftment story that is highly Impact-ful!