Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #334

Movie: Moneyball (2011)

Plot: The General Manager of Oakland Athletics Baseball team, after a heart-wrenching loss at a season finale is gutted by the transfer of his top players to rich ivy leagues. He comes back not by buying new big replacements but by buying a sports analyst and the duo reform a team with a strategy that is viewed suicidal by others. After a bad start, they go on a streak that puzzles the baseball world!


  • This biography by Bennett Miller evokes admiration for the real duo Billy Beane & Paul DePodesta and that makes his work a success!
  • Brad Pitt, showing sheer attitude and a body language that is marvelous, takes the applause for epitomising Billy Beane in a fine fashion.
  • The priceless expressions of Jonah Hill when he sacks a top player and when he signs off a super deal are enough to show why he plays a great foil to Pitt's role.
  • The dialogues are powerful in places - like the ones on the first through the wall getting bloody!
  • The touchy anti-climax and the video tape on the man who hits a home-run without realising it are decorative.
Impressive,interesting and hard-hitting!