Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Look - #33

THE OUTSIDER by Albert Camus

Plot: A french man who, after attending his mother's funeral, goes through his life in the immediate aftermath as if nothing has happened. He experiences love, routine work and a kinship that turns his destiny. After the life turning event, the exposure of his unperturbed and conveniently indifferent nature even after his mother's death is a rude shock to people when he is tried on court. He retires as how he had lived he life - an outsider from the conventions that please the world.

  • The author impresses and blows the reader out with such a short but intense work that explains wonderfully the paradox of the inconveniences of being completely perfect!
  • The afterword at the end of it one that ought not to be missed. Captures the essence of the entire book in a page.
  • The narration with contrasting stuff - absurd observations, wry humour, hard-hitting truths - make it the classic it is.
Truth that is practiced by none & one that is hard to swallow!