Thursday, January 12, 2012

Two Line Reviews - #337

Movie: Contagion (2011)

Plot: A virus breakdown spreads across continents killing millions in the process. A speculating blogger on the social network has a field day compounding the headache of WHO and Disease control officials in the U.S.A. accusing them of striking deals with pharmaceutical cos. to delay the release of a vaccine. How the virus spreads, shaking the human instincts of people making them turn barbaric in a demand supply imbalance forms the rest of the plot!

  • This bio-medical sci-fi film from Soderbergh is pulsating, even a tad better than 28 Days Later, and what makes this click well is the different angles from which the situation is depicted.
  • There are big names in the cast right from Kate Winslet to Matt Damon to Fishburne to Jude Law to Cotillard, all playing small and neat roles.
  • The background score by adds to the momentum the film's screenplay carries.
  • The scenes explaining the spread of the contagion (especially the final scene) is worrisome for it can happen anytime for real!
Contagious film indeed! (Couldn't avoid the cliche)