Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #190

Movie: Central Station (Portuguese, 1998)

Plot: A child suddenly orphaned by an unfortunate accidental death of his mother is sheltered by a letter-writer who initially tries to make money by lending the child to an agency. She later realises her mistake, saves the child & the duo get set for a journey in search of the kid's father. The travel & the experiences it gives them strengthens their bond to mother-son levels & when she finally finds the kid's step brothers, she leaves him for good but does so reluctantly.

  • It is a moving travelogue where the two characters involved find companionship of a kind they were never able to get in life. Walter Salles's direction is perfect in bringing that out beautifully.
  • The lady letter-writer is awesome - be it with her initial crooked acts or with her emotional time with the kid.
  • The kid's smile speaks a thousand words; He's lovable & the sentiments donot go overboard which is a huge relief.
  • Nice music & photography that gel with the storyline & the scenic South American countryside are additional assets to this emotional ride.
A heart-wrenching yet feel-good experience of artistic cinema!

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