Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #183

Movie: Jungfrukällan (or) The Virgin Spring (1960,Swedish)

Plot: The daughter of a strictly religious couple gets raped and murdered on her way to a distant church. The criminals, accidentally, take shelter at the parents' house and when the father gets to know what they have done to his daughter, he takes on them with vigourous vengeance.

  • Ingmar Bergman's making style.An absolutely haunting treatment has been employed for a not-so-unusual story and that makes this film unique in many respects.
  • The fiery performance of the father and his practical & sensible monologue with God at the end.
  • The behaviour of the servant maid & the explanations she gives for her act.
  • The touching final scene where a spring gets sourced near the virgin girl's corpse. 
The treatment makes this a special film

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