Monday, February 7, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #174

Movie: El secreto de sus ojos (or) The Secret in their Eyes (2009, Spanish)

Plot: An assistant to a counselor, after retirement, plans on writing a novel on one of the most intriguing cases he had handled. He revives the memories on the case and finds answers to two of his most puzzling questions about it - the lost traces of the murderer; his own lost love.

  • This Argentinian film bowled me over with the intensity at which it moves. Full credits to the director Juan José Campanella for his crystal clear screenplay writing & his skills as a director are visible in the numerous close up shots and brilliant suspenseful scenes.
  • The actors - all, and I mean all of them have done extremely well.
  • The untold love story, the angst of the lover who loses his wife, the conniving nature of the murderer, the role of the alcoholic friend of the protagonist are all classy and refreshingly new.
  • The climax is special capping off a terrific tempo the film sets & runs through.
One of the very best; Probably into my 'All time top 5 films' list!

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