Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #176

Movie: Modern Times (1936)

Plot: A factory worker undergoes nervous breakdown because of the brutal monotony of his work routine and ends up in jail. On release, he acquaints with an orphaned girl and they face the difficulties of the times of german economic turmoil. All this and more is told in a lovably humourous manner.

  • Charlie Chaplin. This is the first full length feature of his I've seen & it is bewildering to note the amount of comedy he generates each and every second with his body language. He provides wonderful music for the film too.
  • The convincing way in which a dark and dull subject is presented in the liveliest of ways. You might not be made to laugh out screaming but the film would make you keep smiling right through its run.
  • The Jail & Restaurant events, in particular, are special.
A memorable 'Charlie Chaplin' experience

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