Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #186

Movie: La Strada (Italian, 1954)

Plot: A vagabond gets a strange looking innocent woman as a helper for his street-shows. His anger and her innocence make co-existence difficult for the duo & his ruffian act on a fellow vagabond makes her go mentally ill. He deserts her and even after years, feels for the loss.

  • The film deals with special characters to give the positive message that 'anything that exists in the world has a purpose'. The scene between the innocent lady and the funny entertainer that stresses this wonderful point is a highlight in this Federico Fellini work.
  • Anthony Quinn as the ill-tempered traveller who doesn't know to express feelings - good or bad - acts marvelously.
  • The histrionics of the heroine who plays the innocent and strange looking Gelsomina is effective in making the viewer love the character she plays.
A touching tale on a contrasting couple.

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