Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #179

Movie: Munich (2005)

Plot: A retribution team is formed to kill the terrorists who were responsible for the killing of Israeli Munich Olympic athletes. The execution of the vengeance mission makes the crew involved realise the meaninglessness of war and how a revenge only builds the rage of the fire of anger.

  • The core members of the team are characterised brilliantly. Steven Spielberg's expertise is on show with the plans, the executions, the locations to which they travel, the intermitten emotions shown etc.
  • Eric Bana as the passionate but sensible/sensitive Israeli & Daniel Craig as the passionate Israeli are the show stealers.
  • With his non chalant music John Williams, as always, gives good company to the Spielberg narrative. The murder scenes are engaging , especially the one involving the Arab fighters and KGB officials. 
A series of bombings are unsuccessful or done in public places and yet the crew escapes very easily which is tough to believe.

A slow-paced yet engaging film on a 'meticulous' retribution

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