Friday, February 4, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #170

Movie: Big Fish (2003)

Plot: A man who likes to colour the events of his life withunthinkably fantastic stories woven around the real events earns the hatred or a lack of love from his son who feels he hasn't understood even a bit of his father. But, when the son realises all wasn't untrue , he livens up the last day of his father with a story of his farewell which turns out to be what happens exactly when he dies.
  • Tim Burton's  idea of such a film (or that of the author of the novel from which this film is adapted) is highly appreciable. Wouldn't tell the same about the execution of it but the climax that emphasises the idea was brilliant.
  • The action of the men who play the young and old Edward Bloom and his son are superb.
  • The characters of the sidekicks who accompany are memorable. 
There are quite a number of crazy stories which are too much to take as fantasies.

Verdict: Has its share of enjoyable fantasies & not-so-enjoyable fallacies.

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