Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #181

Movie: Yudhdham Sei (Thamizh, 2011)

Plot: A CB CID officer takes charge of a probable serial murder case and there are two parallel tracks of killing happening; one, he feels, has answers to his sister's kidnapping too & the other, that gives him survival troubles, is connected to the other. Things get unraveled, as usual, in a flashback.

  • The core team of Mysskin, Cinematographer Sathya, Music director K. Mysskin, with his deep Kurosawa inspiration, fascinates with the way he frames even the casual scenes. The low angle shots, lamp post shots, leg level shots and the Requiem for a dream style music - all add value to the making style and it is fair enough to say that the film is technically sound.
  • Cheran's CID role's characterisation. He priorotises family over work at crucial points like anyone would do. But, I have the feeling that Cheran could have acted better. He just scrapes through the 'convincing' mark with his performance.
  • YG Mahendra, the lady who plays his wife, the eternal drunkard Judas and the lady officer do well but have little scope.
  • The mystery - the jigsaw gets solved automatically with a flashback and that is ridiculous  given the way things were shaping up with so much weight to the CID officers.
  • The flashback & climax portions were predictable and dragged a bit.
  • The horribly positioned traditional yellow-sari song of Mysskin; Unlike Vaala Meenukum & Kathaazha kannaala, it is an Irritant this time!
Loses steam after a refreshing & racy hour and a half.

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