Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book Look - #11


The autobiography of arguably my favourite sports star;certainly my most favourite tennis star. He pips Federer on the measure that I have felt very very bad & I've even hurt myself physically when Agassi lost big matches(especially against Pete - the guy I disliked just for the reason that my brother adored him!) and I have never felt anything as remorse when Federer lost big ones. The book, true to its name is OPEN and he talks about his life on & off the courts, his relationship with people who mattered the most in his life and throughout the work elucidations of his inconsistency - Agassi's USP to which I could relate to;which made me his fan - are in abundance.

  • The flow of content is brilliant. He mixes events on & off the court seamlessly.
  • The 'tennis-life' analogies & loyalty he shared with Gil,his trainer; Brad Gilbert, his coach & Stefanie Graf, his wife are especially enticing.
  • The description of his romantic duels with the likes of Pete,Becker,Connors,Chang,Kafelnikov on court & Brooke Shields and Steffie off-court are extremely interesting.
  • The philanthropic deeds of his as described & the depictions of how he achieved his unpredictable late age comebacks are inspiring.
If you've followed Agassi - Liked or loathed mattering not, this is a book not to be missed.

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