Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #172

Movie: Ed Wood (1994)

Plot: Edward D Wood Jr. is one director who makes films with whatever footages and characters he has with him & no shot he films goes to a second take! This makes him the one of the most awful directors of Hollywood. This film goes through his film-making ways and his association with an one time popular actor of 'Dracula' fame.

  • The heart and soul of this film is Johnny Depp. As the insane transvestite filmmaker, he is a riot with his hyperactive & urgent ways of making films. Some of the points he makes to justify his ways are quite acceptable too.
  • The dialogs are humourous and members of his crew are enjoyable - The Dracula actor, the wrestler, his producers at various times, his cameramen etc..
The insults he faces are funny till a point. But, beyond that, his continuation of clownish acts are irritating.

A not-so-worse film on 'the worst director of all time'!

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