Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #188

Movie: Lola rennt (or) Run Lola Run (German,1998)

Plot: A girl needs to get 100,000 in deutsch currency to prevent her boyfriend from robbing a bank & that needs to be done in 20 minutes. Three scenarios of her 20 minutes chase, differing in miniscule ways, are shown and how it changes the overall picture completely is fascinating!

  • The crazy and innovative idea of the film. The way it shows how a small act somewhere can have its effect on the bigger picture is super.
  • Lola's run. She runs , runs and runs . Yet, never becomes a bore.
  • The music that complements the film's tempo.
Some branching stories of a few characters are shown in frames which leads us nowhere.

A rollicking 'destiny-chase' ride.

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