Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #200

I couldn't have chosen a more appropriate film for a milestone number - 200. A film that I have seen only in parts, a film that I have longed to see for a long time, now gets happily into the 'Seen' list.

Movie: Gandhi (1982)

Plot: The film traces the silent revolution that the unbelievably stubborn Gandhi led to inspire and unify an entire nation against the British Raj. It focuses on his redemption work in South Africa and how he took cues from that experience in the herculean task of inspiring the uncomparably huge India by reaching ther hearts of masses with his amazing grit and simplicity.

  • Richard Attenborough's tribute to probably the greatest leader to have ever existed (just for the no. of loyals he seems to have inspired) is clean as a slate and records the popular events in Indian freedom struggle during Gandhian period. The fact that he was able to make crores of people follow and worship him is mystifying & baffling.
  • Ben Kingsley, as the Mahatma, essays his role with utmost conviction and he epitomises Gandhi to the fullest extent possible.
  • The artwork,camerawork,dialogues and costumes clearly explain the amount of hard research that must have happened for making this epic film.
  • The final post-independence riots and misfortunes as shown are pitiable and ironic to the future Gandhi had envisaged for the nation.
A must-watch epic; If the Simplicity & Determination of Gandhi, as depicted, cannot be inspiring, nothing else can be!

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