Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Look - #13

THE FIST OF GOD by Frederick Forsyth

Plot: Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait hoping for a retaliation aided by the USA and UK allied troops. He wants to humiliate the westerners by killing their soldiers in huge numbers with his secret nuke project Qubth-ut-Allah - The Fist of God. The allied forces send in Mike Martin, an SAS official, disguised as an Arab to Baghdad and they learn Iraqi inside information through exchanges between Martin and a mole 'Jericho' in the Iraqi core political circle.

  • Forsyth does it again! 600 odd pages of impeccable information is what is in store in this book. There is abundant information on the Iraq war of 1990s; the reasons, the results and all.
  • The Jericho-Martin-Base station exchanges and the revelations they offer make this book an irresistible read.
  • The parallel work in the bank at Germany to identify Jericho, the presentation of Saddam Hussein's conniving nature & details on the war aircrafts & nuke weaponry are the other major highlights.

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