Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #192

Movie: Blade Runner (1982)

Plot: In the year 2019, Replicants (a humanoid robot made to near-human perfection) who have caused havoc in outer world return - back to earth to meet their master and correct their only weakness - Longevity in life. Meanwhile, an expert replicant destroyer policeman chases them & gets confused whether or not to kill an accidental replicant.

  • The futuristic plot and techno-making adopted by Ridley Scott fulfill the requirements of an engaging sci-fi thriller.
  • Harrison Ford, in his role as the blade runner, is cool, kicking and presents a super show.
  • The haunting humming & simple casino music play a pivotal role in setting up the tempo.
  • The scene when the replicant supremo meets his maker has absorbing dialogs.
Only one policeman is on pursuit; 'Why not many?' is an instant question.

It is no Star Wars but the film is good in its own right.

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