Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #191

Movie: Der Untergang (or) Downfall (German,2004)

Plot: Hitler's Third Reich is about to come to its end. The film captures the final few days of the Fuhrer in his Berlin bunker where he understands loyalty, betrayal and many other things except the reality that the war had been long lost; He doesn't capitulate to the Russians; He commits suicide instead.

  • The maker deserves all the applause for making it not look like 'just another film on Hitler'. He takes a very small timeline and captures details to meticulously elaborate levels.
  • The person who enacts Adolf Hitler. He has done a splendid job; The characters surrounding him too are cherishably etched.
  • The girl who plays the timid,loyal secretary of the fuhrer shines with her action.
  • The brutalities are shown in a way acceptable by all types of viewers.
  • The final scene of liberation of the child & the girl - poetic.
A microscopic view on Hitler's final Act!

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