Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Look - #14

EYE OF THE NEEDLE by Ken Follett
Plot: Towards the end of World War II, a thoroughly professional German spy gets information on the phoney plans of allied forces regarding their mode/route of attacking the Germans in France. He encounters difficulties (he's chased by British officials; gets ship-wrecked & gets rescued by a couple in a secluded island) when he attempts at passing the potential war-prospect changing information to Hitler. Whether or not he weathers the storm to send the info across makes up an intriguing climax.

  • This one , regarded as the best work of Ken Follett, is probably not exactly his best when it comes to the depth in which characters are described and analysed. But, it is definitely his best work when it comes to the sheer pace and excitement offered.
  • The prime character Die Nadel - The Needle is classily etched and the way he transforms from an adorable protagonist to a detestable antagonist is remarkable.
  • Creating a pivotal powerful Lady character has been one of Follett's trademarks and the one here - the Storm Island woman Lucy - is one of the best of such creations of his.
  • The vivid descriptions of the scenic Storm Island and the quickfire romance are other highlights.

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