Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Line Reviews- #198

Movie: The Notebook (2004)

Plot: In the summer of 1940, the love that happens between a hard-working labourer and a well-bred rich lady fails because of reasons of social status. His repeated attempts at reaching her fail & after years she falls in love and gets engaged to another man and exactly at that time the old lovers meet. The events are narrated in a flashback mode.

  • The character of the poor lover man. His is such a passionate, soft and honest character that leaves an impact.
  • The performances of the lead pair - They emote well with flare.
  • Some wonderful shots in nice landscapes and the duo who play the old characters - they are nice.
The entire subject is cliche ridden and is easily predictable.

Isn't as good as it should be for the rating it has garnered.

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