Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #194

Movie: Les 400 coups (or) The 400 Blows (French,1959)

Plot: A young school-going kid isn't well attended to by his parents. He becomes a liar & earns the wrath of his parents and teachers alike. He becomes even more rowdy and as this vicious cycle continues to grow, he is sent to a Juvenile centre for rehab but to no avail.

  • The story, in itself, is touching & some scenes showing the boy's incorrigible ways are so typical of a ruined school-kid's life.
  • The person who plays the young guy is perfect and gives one of the best child actor performances you would come across.
  • The scenes where he doesn't lie and still pays for his earlier lying acts & his final testimony to the judge are touching.
The film could have been made to be even more interesting given that it isn't a documentary; It somehow gives a neither here nor there feeling.

Watchable for the kid's performance.

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