Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #193

Movie: In Bruges (2008)

Plot: Two hitmen, after an assignment at London, are bossed to take a hide-out at Bruges,Belgium. One of them loves the place & the other hates it. The hatred coupled with the guilt he acquires after a mistake in his last coup makes him suicidal & that's exactly what the boss wants too. And then there are twists.

  • Full credits to McDonagh, the maker. The film covers events over a week or so & it is hugely engrossing thanks to some simple yet soulful scenes.
  • The action of the hitmen duo is top notch. The finesse of Brendan Gleesan is admirable. So is the quirky role played by Colin Farrell
  • Locations (Contrary to Farrell's views, the shithole that Bruges is not) & the music add up to the pluses.
The Simplicity makes this film a stunner!

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