Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Line Reviews - #197

Movie:  Annie Hall (1977)

Plot: A hyper-reactive comedian Actor breaks up with his lover and narrates the incidents that had led to the blossoming of their love and its destruction. How their contrasting likes and dislikes had led to their breakup is what constitutes the major portion of narration in this light hearted film.

  • This is the first Woody Allen film I am seeing and I have been mightily impressed with his skills. He has written and directed the film brilliantly. His dialogs are hilarious, 'nerd'ishly crazy and thoroughly enjoyable!
  • As the fast-speaking Newyork life lover, his performance is unique and cherishable; Diane Keaton, who plays his lover, helps with a nice performance complementing the role of Allen.
  • The way the narration takes shape is worth a lot of appreciation; The way passing characters make a mention of the duo's life etc. are funny.
A cracker of a hilariously narrated break-up story!

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