Friday, May 31, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #474

Movie: Epic (2013)

Plot: Leaf people are tiny people (not easily visible to human eye) residing in the forests. A researcher tells his daughter, his findings on their existence. His disinterested daughter gets entangled and gets dwarfed and becomes the protector of the forest's future when the dying queen hands her the pod that needs to be protected and given to the next queen. The pod which takes its own sweet time to give life back to the forest is being targeted by the opposition of the leaf people. The girl & the valiant protectors of the leaf people fight it out and help from the girl's father comes at an appropriate time giving life back to the tiny creatures!

What Works?
  • This was my first experience of watching an Animated film in the theatre and it was a pretty decent experience. The film, though kiddish at times, had its moments.
  • The expressive reactions of the tiny creatures, their forms and the beauty of the forest shows the creativity that goes into making such animes and credits to the makers!
  • The film is quite positive and the tiny creatures end up winning our hearts for fighting it out with their mighty dark rivals!
  • It was funny to listen Christoph Waltz's voice being mouthed by some weird creature!
What Doesn't?
  • Things get a tad too repetitive and the outline having a close resemblance to the LoTR story doesn't help things!
Not even close to being an 'Epic'; Nevertheless, a decent watch.

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