Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Look - #47

THE ROGER FEDERER STORY: QUEST FOR PERFECTION by Rene StaufferPlot: A biography of Roger Federer, the holder of many records in the sport of Tennis. The book is a carefully researched piece that tracks Roger's career right from when he picked his racquet to how he became one of the greatest sportsmen of all time by 2007! There are snippets of his life outside of the tennis courts as well.

  • The account that the book gives on the early part of Roger's career when he had to be away from his family at a tender age, live in/share rooms in the houses of strange friends and relatives, his weekend calls to his home, his association with fellow Swiss tennis wannabes and his rise in the juniors to becoming a potent tennis star make up for an interesting read. Shows the kind of sacrifices one has to make to realise a dream of humungous proportions!
  • His crucial contributions to the Swiss Davis cup team early on in his career and how he shaped things politically even as he was a teenager show the true grit Roger possessed.
  • The facts that Roger lost his first 11 matches on clay and had lost in the first round of 21 tournaments of the first 38 he had contested in could definitely be inspirational for people who knew only the other side of Roger: How much success he had over 2004-07 with an 18 month stretch of being in the finals!!
  • His fighting spirit and appreciation of and respect for opponents are evident in some of the quotes Roger had given after tough matches (winning/losing not mattering). Appreciations to Rene for bringing them out. Reading those would correct opinions some have on how arrogant Roger was. Reading this one would make them feel he has been candid all along his career and that has been mistaken for arrogance at times!
  • How Roger respected and adhered to commitments he had made in spite of unfortunate injuries and how he was able to turn around the view of the man behind the Houston Tennis Masters Cup between 2003 and 2004 are empirical evidences of the likeable and honest sportsman that Roger has been.
  • The benevolence and humanitarian side of Roger is also brought out in this account with descriptions of his globe-trotting in his dedicated role as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.
  • Some pictures from Roger's childhood, from his teens and some with celebs across global sports & Roger's career timeline and selected quotes are added incentives for one to pick this book for a read!
A well-recorded account of Roger's 1981 to 2007! Expecting an extension sometime in the coming years.

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