Friday, May 31, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #471

Movie: Vicky Donor (Hindi, 2012)

Plot: When Vicky, an unemployed youth appears to be the saviour in the eyes of a fertility clinic owner, he forces Vicky to donate sperm to the clinic's sperm-bank. Healthy hit ratio (pun intended) & handsome cash provide incentives for the both of them to use each other! Vicky loves and marries the girl he loves. Her medical condition prevents her from having any possibility of bearing child and when she gets to know of her husband's donor self, her emotions make her start hating him. The doc comes to the rescue to set things straight.

What Works?
  • Shoojit Sarcar, the film's director has made a film that is extremely top-notch in content as well as entertainment value! Tough to believe he isn't a maker of many films.
  • The same could be said of the film's hero Ayushmann Khurrana; He performs effortlessly! Annu Kapoor as the doc is entertaining with his reactions and Yami Gautam is adorable and carries off her role well towards the end.
  • Just when the Punjabi-Bengali tussle moves close to becoming a Bollywood stereotype, the director pulls things back and presents them very well.
  • The film has excellent music by Abhishek-Aksha & team and both the versions of Pani Da Rang are touchy. 
  • The climax is as much new, bamboozling as it is weird!
Entertains thoroughly!

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