Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Look - #46

A PAINTED HOUSE by John Grisham

Prime Characters: Eli Chandler (Pappy), Ruth Chandler, Luke, Jesse, Cathleene, Trot, Hank, Cowboy

Plot: A family that does Cotton Farming in picturesque settings of the Arkansas picks cotton with the help of the Hill people & Mexicans. Their routines, the misunderstandings, the special weekend trips to town & their dependence on weather are all brought to the for through the voice of the youngest member of the Chandler family!

  • John Grisham bases this one partially out of his own childhood & it is highly surprising that a book that is completely out of his comfort zone (of lawyers & trials) is among the best of his works! The stuff has soul in it & engages the reader.
  • The Chandler family's resilience to hardships is actually an eye-opener for readers on the lives and sacrifices of all the farmers who stay back in their lands cultivating against attractive options of factory work elsewhere!
  • The baseball angle, the determined paint-job of Luke & the visit to towns and the enjoyment each of them seeks is wonderfully told; The same could be said of the contrasting yet comparable qualities of the members in the family.
  • The vivid descriptions of the cotton farm, the tornadoes, the family garden & the trip to town explain the imaginative and writing prowess of Grisham.
An excellent tribute to farmers leading their tough-lives!

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