Friday, May 31, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #470

Movie: Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Plot: A small boy-scout escapes plans for an escape from his camp and elopes with a native of the town he was camping at. The scout-camp members and the girls parents try to trace them out in a surreal setting!

What Works?
  • This is the first Wes Anderson film I have watched and he is definitely impressive!
  • Kid-love stories are usually a No with me but this one was quite likeable for its presentation & characters.
  • When side-kicks come in the forms of Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray & Francis McDormand, you can easily guess how well the main duo (kids) would have performed!
  • The wonderful scenic locations and a brilliant climax makes this a pleasing watch for the eye as well!
Will definitely make you smile!

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