Friday, May 31, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #473

Movie: Kind Hearts & Coronets (1949)

Plot: A member of the kingly D'Ascoyne lineage defaults by marrying off status and is expelled from the family. Her son seeks revenge and sets his eye on becoming the next Duke. Between him and the throne are 8 heir-probables. Powered by his intelligence and anonymity, he plans and gets them one after the other. Does he succeed or does he get caught?

What Works?
  • This one is an instant classic! The film is typically British in one sense but the base plot is startlingly in contrast to the kind of moral values we see in the upper echelons of British society! It is a rude satire on them which is enjoyable too! All credits to Robert Hamer for that.
  • Dennis Price shows his calm villainy with aplomb and his situations with most of the D'Ascoyne family members are engaging to watch!
  • The two women who play pivotal roles are typically the sort of women we see in those old films - reacting mirthlessly and dressed blemish-lessly!
  • The climax, the sudden twist in it & the irony it brings forth are brilliant!
  • Watch out for Alec Guinness playing the roles of 8 of the family members!
Intelligent film, Engaging comic-thriller!

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