Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #465

Movie: Contact (1997)

Plot: Pursuing her childhood dream of trying to track intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy, a scientist doctor identifies signals she receives from an extra terrestrial star 'Vega'. The eyes of the world media turn towards a project funded internationally to send a human on a mission to 'Vega'. A debate of Science vs Faith and their common causes are very well brought out in this sci-fi!

What Works?
  • Robert Zemeckis, in more than one way, is comparable to Spielberg & the treatment he gives to this sci-fi makes me endorse the comparison one more time. This is no Back to the Future but definitely has its enthralling moments!
  • Jodie Foster's Dr. Ellie Arroway is the core of the narrative, and she shines with her remarkable style and reactions!
  • Alan Silvestri is to Zemeckis what John Williams is to Spielberg; The music definitely elevate the important scenes.
  • The dialogues (especially, some philosophical one-liners) pack a punch.
What Doesn't?
  • The climax is a bit of a let-down because of the questionable logic.
Wishful concept, well presented too!

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