Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #458

Movie: Crónica de una fuga (or) Chronicle of an Escape (Spanish, 2006)

Plot: Following the Argentine coup d'état in the 70s, In 1977, rebels against the military takeover are kidnapped and probed. In it wrongly gets caught,among others, a goalkeeper of a Football club. How the tortured souls persevere, think and escape makes for the core tense last hour of this gem of a film.

What Works?
  • I am already a huge fan of the way the Argentines make their films and this film only strengthens my loyalties! Natural, stylish presentation comes naturally for a lot of them, it seems - Here, Adrian Caetano who calculates and sets the tempo that gets built up slowly culminating in a pulsating climax!
  • The conversations in the detention centre, the hatred of the officers, the sorry-state of the prisoners and the resolve of the few left-over are all captured marvelously in the indoor shades and lights.
  • Music plays its role without even telling you 'I am there' and that's how good background scores ought to be!
  • Performance-wise, Rodrigo who plays the Goalie Claudio steals the show - He's your typical South American hero and giving him a worthy fight are the man who plans for their escape & the police officer with the shades.
A very nicely presented Escape Chronicle!

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