Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #461

Movie: Rang e Khoda (or) The Colour of Paradise (Persian, 1999)

Plot: A blind kid studying in a city school for the blind comes to his country-side home for vacation and spends some nice time with his Granny and sisters. In a fight between his father and his granny on how his future should be, the kid's extremely special skills are about to get compromised.

What Works?
  • Had Majid Majidi made this film in a more reputed Hollywood, the film would now have been among the best of classics! It has something for every type of audience.
  • The metaphors & symbolic touches that appear all through the film shows the taste and brilliance of its maker!
  • The Kid gives a performance that is on par with, if not better than, the best of kid works in world cinema. The boy resembling a young Rafa Nadal made me connect even more!
  • In bursts, the granny & the father show their capabilities and the selfish human norm is brought to viewing pretty nicely.
  • The locations and the non-chalance of music & photography add quality.
A Touching classic, a masterpiece!

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