Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #463

Movie: Paradesi (Thamizh, 2013)

Plot: In 1939, villagers of a barren land are given an attractive promise of work and wealth upon migration to the British managed tea estates. When they reach, they understand the cruelties they have to go through. They are exposed to exploitations and unfair extensions of their work tenure, giving them miserable years of suffering. Through his hero, Bala even shows their miseries in not having even the chance to communicate with their dear ones back home!

What Works?
  • After a very mediocre outing in Avan Ivan, Bala is back to his gruesome best and delivers an intense and well-thought out subject in his impeccable style!
  • Among the baggage of surprises is the efforts of Atharva Murali! He has definitely shown how talented he is, with his spontaneity. His Rasa/Ottuperukki character is sure to be remembered and held alongside some very prominent characters in Thamizh Cinema.
  • Vedhika, Dhanshika, the couple who act as the hero's friends & the local village characters are perfectly cast and enact their roles superbly, which is not surprising given Bala is at the helm of affairs!
  • Bala, for the first time, has moved away from the Raja family for music and G.V. Prakash's score and tracks give ample proof on why it wasn't a bad decision after all!
  • The unperturbed camera-work of Chezhiyan aids the story-telling and elevates itself in shots such as the Interval & Climax sequence! Kishore's editing comes in handy in such sequences as well.
  • Bala & team's careful research is clearly visible in terms of the art-work, the costumes, the accent of the dialogues, the references made to Gandhi (who had worked for the rights of Tea Estate workers in Bihar and elsewhere during that time!) & a gutsy take on the exploitation exercise underwent by Christian Missionaries during that time (whose effects are still to be seen in hill-lands dominated by Christians)!
Bala is back to what he does best - Giving Intense, Disturbing films high on artistic values!

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