Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Line Reviews - #462

Movie: A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Plot: Three Britishers and an American plan and rob diamonds from a bank. Two of them betrays the third who in turn stashes the diamonds in a secret place and gives the information to the 4th. The first two decide to befriend the attorney of the man caught to locate the diamonds. What follows are arousal of passions, love and a four-way battle of wills for winning the diamonds!

What Works?

  • Riotous comedy thrillers are among the most difficult of genres to execute and in an effortless show, Charles Crichton & John Cleese pull it off quite nicely!
  • The screenplay filled with a mix of expected and unexpected turns, providing ample scope for fun, works!
  • All 5 prime characters deliver the goods well but the role of Jamie Lee Curtis as the seductress plays pivot!
  • The irrelevant suspense music that comes up at places could not have been more fitting to the genre!
  • Sequence comedies and the tussles involving the American, the Brit and the pet-lover bring the roof down.
Heavy dose of sensuous & hilarious entertainment!

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